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Consider an LTO Tape Backup System in Richland & Kalamazoo, MI

When you hear about a tape data storage system, your mind might jump to old cassettes and VHS tapes. But a linear tape-open system is an advanced form of storage that provides many benefits over digital storage solutions. InfoSafe can provide you with a tape backup system in Richland & Kalamazoo, MI that will keep your sensitive data safe and secure.

Your data will be recorded on an LTO tape and stored in our Firelock™ fire-proof media vault. Tapes are highly resilient and can last for decades, so you won’t have to worry about losing your data to deterioration. They’re also easy to access, and if you don’t have a tape drive, we can bring you a mobile unit that’s as simple to use as a USB drive.

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The advantages of LTO Tape

There are many different methods for documenting and securing your sensitive information. If you’re looking for long-lasting security, consider LTO tape. We recommend tape because:

  • Each LTO tape can hold several terabytes of information at an economical price
  • Your data will be on a physical device instead of a network, so it can’t be hacked
  • Any information you store will be secure for decades while still being quick and easy to access when you need it

Start recording your data on a tape backup system.