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Don't Risk losing your important data

Hire us for data management services in Richland & Kalamazoo, MI

Maybe you keep years of business records in case you are audited. Maybe you work with thousands of clients and customers and need a place to store all of their information. There’s no reason to stack a mountain of boxes and papers in your office. InfoSafe can record and store your files for you at our location in Richland & Kalamazoo, MI.

With our data management services, you won’t have to worry about storing your data where it can be hacked or stolen. Your files will also be protected from natural disasters and building fires. We store everything from paper files to LTO tape and optical discs so you can use a storage system that works for you.

Protect your valuable information

Back up your data as often as you need


Store and manage boxes of paper documents and files at our secure facility.


Use LTO tape to secure large amounts of data for as long as you need it.


Keep your information safe and portable by storing it on CDs and DVDs.

Cloud backup

Implement a data backup system so your data isn't lost after a disaster.

What information we can protect

Whether you want to store your data in a secure, fireproof location or back up your data on the cloud, there’s no limit to the kind of information we can protect. We provide data management and backup solutions for…

  • Business files including financial records, blueprints and legal documents
  • Employee and customer data from payroll to payment information
  • Law enforcement body cam and dashcam videos

We can recommend a storage solution that will work for your needs and budget. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your most valuable data is secure. Call us at 269-629-9730 to set up data management services in Richland & Kalamazoo, MI.

InfoSafe is more than a storage service

Storing your information isn’t as useful if it’s hard to access. InfoSafe is dedicated to helping you secure your data without hassle. If you store paper files at our facility, we can retrieve, scan and send files at your convenience. We can also bring LTO tape and optical discs to your location and provide drives for accessing the data if you need them. You can access your data when you want it without having to jump through hoops.

Find out more about our data management and backup solutions when you call us today.