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Maybe you’re looking for a way to store sensitive data, but you need your storage method to be easily portable and accessible. Optical discs offer an affordable solution to file storage, from simple text documents to images and audio. InfoSafe can help you use discs to store all of your important information.

From CDs to DVDs, we can store all of your optical discs at our storage facility in Richland & Kalamazoo, MI. Your discs will be secured in our Firelock™ vault, so you can rest assured that they’ll be safe from tampering, theft and natural disasters. We can store your discs for decades and give you access to your information whenever you want.

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Why use discs?

Not sure what method of data storage will work for your business? Consider using optical discs because…

  • Almost every computer and laptop has a disc drive, so you’ll be able to access your data anywhere
  • Discs can hold a large amount of data at a low cost, making them an efficient storage method
  • CDs and DVDs are easy to copy, making them a simple option for backing up your data

Discs are also durable and won’t break as easily as other storage devices if dropped, making them one of the easiest portable data storage options. Start storing your data on optical discs by calling us.