Tape backup is back, and it's our favorite. (Nobody ever hacked a tape!)

If the security of your information is important, then tape backup is for you!

We’re talking industry-standard LTO® tapes here. Newer generations of LTOs can hold multiple Terabytes of information on at a fraction of the cost of cloud storage. With the now-standard Linear Tape Filing System (LTFS), LTOs can be utilized just like a USB drive, which makes locating what you need quick and easy. These tapes are robust, resilient, highly secure, and easily transported. When properly stored, like they are in our Firelock™ fire-proof media vault, tapes can remain viable for 50 years or more. This makes LTO tapes a very attractive and cost-effective option, especially for data that doesn’t necessarily need to be right at hand 24/7. And don’t worry if you don’t have a tape drive on your network. We can bring a mobile unit to you.