Medical Records Transfers

InfoSafe stores and manages Medical Records (acting as Custodian of Records), for a number of closed practices, including Partners in Women’s Health (PIWH). If you need to have your records transferred to a new healthcare provider the steps are fairly straightforward.

Please keep the following in mind:

While your medical records do pertain to you, and you have a legal right to obtain a copy or request a release or transfer of those records, the actual files remain the property of the medical practice that created them. Some records can be temporarily transferred to another practice, but in many cases they must be scanned or digitized for transfer.  There are charges associated with those processes, and you are responsible for those charges. There are terms and limits to those charges that are determined by the State of Michigan, and InfoSafe abides by those guidelines.

Please plan ahead with your requests. Requests can take anywhere up to 15 days to be processed and delivered. Please do not send a request the night before your appointment and expect it to be there early the next morning. We will work as quickly as possible on your request, but even we aren’t that good.

  1. Please fill out this form: InfoSafe Consent to Release Form . We will get an encrypted e-copy of the form immediately, but due to HIPAA requirements, we must still get a personally signed copy as well. So please print it out and mail it to us as soon as you can. Be prepared to verify your identity if necessary. Make sure that all of your contact information is clear and current. We may need to contact you if questions arise. If you are able, please note at least the year of your last office visit on the form as well. This isn’t required, but can be very helpful.
  2. For Partners in Women’s Health transfers within the Greater Kalamazoo/Portage Area: In most cases, we can temporarily transfer the entire file to most major practices for a flat fee of $25 (which includes delivery). If paying by check (you may also pay using the PayPal link below), please remit to:
    InfoSafe Records Retention Center
    Attention: Transfers
    7878 Gull Road, Suite 10
    Richland, MI 49083
  3. If your records require scanning/digitizing, please contact us directly, via phone or email. We’ll need to determine the file size and amount due. Payment must be received prior to service.

For any and all questions or comments or to check on your transferal status, please email us at: 

or reach us by phone at
Office: 269.629.9730
Fax: 269.629.9760

If preferred, payment can be sent using the PayPal button below.The standard $25 fee mentioned above covers bulk transfer of PIWH files to a designated PIWH partner practice and will suit 95% of those orders. Additional state mandated fees may apply for additional services.

Regardless of how you choose to pay we cannot proceed with anything until we have the signed consent to release.

Please enter your full name below before clicking the button.

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Legal note for PIWH patients:

Partners in Women’s Health is no longer an active medical practice. They ceased operations in March of 2014.

InfoSafe Record Retention Center acts solely as a ‘Custodian of Records’ for PIWH (and other practices) and is therefore bound only by our duties as such. We have been contracted to retain the records but have not been paid to transfer or convey them. Payment for the location, pulling, copying and delivering of records is, by law, the responsibility of the patient. Please be aware this is not an exorbitant charge, we are a records’ storage and protection company with thousands of boxes of files and data. It takes time and labor to fulfill requests. Michigan law also strictly limits what companies like ours can legally charge for these services.

Generally, it is the responsibility of the doctors and/or their practice/office managers to properly contact and notify patients on these procedures, and it is our understanding that PIWH made every reasonable effort to do so for all patients prior to closing their offices. Michigan law requires physicians to maintain records for 7 years after the last visit or service. PIWH has instructed us to retain these records for 10 years before having them destroyed. It is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to have their records transferred to their new practitioner within that time period from their last date of service from PIWH. InfoSafe will do everything we can to make that transfer as smooth and painless as possible.