Law Enforcement Video Storage

The Body/Dash-Cam Video Storage Dilemma

Law Enforcement Agencies are faced with a rapidly-evolving social and professional environment that is requiring them to generate and retain what can be massive amounts of data in the form of video recorded from Body-Worn Cameras, as well as in-vehicle sources, and even station-house recordings of public interactions, prisoner transport, interrogations, etc. Sooner or later, longer retention periods are sure to be mandated, and the budget dilemma will become even more acute.

    InfoSafe has the solution...

High-Capacity Digital LTO Tape. Secure, reliable, durable.

Over the last two years, we have surveyed many Law Enforcement Agencies to find out what their needs and concerns are when it comes to storing and handling body and dash-cam video. What we found is that all agencies face similar challenges, but it's even more acute for small and mid-sized agencies. They have the same problem, but perhaps not the resources available to metro departments and other large organizations. We solved that by making the solution mobile, but still CJIS Security Rule compliant, convenient, and affordable. Single budget-line pricing, with service frequency tailored to your department's needs.

Here's how it works:

  • We come to you, at your convenience.
  • We bring a mobile tape drive unit and all necessary hardware to your location.
  • We download a backup copy of your video and/or other files to a high-quality, searchable LTO® tape.
  • We store the tape(s) in our fire-proof FireLock® Vault.
  • We return periodically, based on your usage and needs, to add or remove files to the tape.
  • When you need a file, you contact us and we get it to you fast.

Simple, right?

Fill out this form and we'll get in touch with program details. The information you provide will also expand our database of agency profiles and is greatly appreciated.




LEO Agency BodyCam Survey