Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Let's face it, Stuff Happens.

(And we don't just mean hackers, thieves, or power surges.)

You'll have it covered.

InfoSafe offers a best-in-class Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solution as well. This is a powerful software-as-a-service platform that is easy to install and manage. You create a backup schedule that works for you. Then if anything happens, your files and folders and entire system state can be restored in a matter of minutes. Customers can use our cloud-based backup on any operating system, on any device. Installs on Macs, PCs, servers, or mobile devices.

Big Data charges an arm and a leg for this kind of Backup/Disaster Recovery SaaS. We only charge an arm, and you can laugh in the face of adversity. Additionally, our customers get our savvy, local support whenever and wherever they need it. But you need to see it for yourself. Take it for a test-drive! Just fill out the form below and get started with your free, no-obligation, 30-day trial!